Wonky Fruit and Vegetables Study

Tribes Research 3rd August 2017
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If fruit or vegetables in store are not exactly the shape you expect, does it stop you purchasing it? It’s been announced that a new range of ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables are available to shoppers at certain supermarkets. The new range comes amid seasonal abnormalities where crops have been exposed to fluctuating temperatures, resulting in misshaped produce being grown. With the ‘wonky’ groceries being sold at a lower price than their normal looking counterparts, a new Tribes Research study has been conducted to find out if purchasing behaviour will change amongst shoppers as a result of the misshaped fruit or veg.

Main Results

The infographic above highlights the results obtained from our online research study. A net 98% of people would consider purchasing misshaped fruit or veg, with a mere 1% admitting they never would. Of those who would consider, over half (58%) would only consider purchasing wonky fruit or veg if a price reduction was offered, whereas 40% of people would consider purchasing abnormal looking groceries regardless of the price.

Gender and Age

Looking more specifically at gender differences, men are the ones who are more financially reserved when it comes to purchasing wonky fruit or veg. Just under two thirds (64%) of males would only consider their purchase if the price was reduced, with 33% of men undeterred by price. This is contrary to women who are more lenient towards misshaped groceries, with 44% not bothered by the cost. Interestingly, the younger generation tend to be more oblivious towards cost, with 59% of 18 to 34 year olds unconcerned by price. Those between the ages 35 and 44 are the ones who are most sceptical, with 74% stating they will only consider wonky fruit or veg if the price was lowered.