Why Your Online Community Is Not Working For You!

Tribes Research 30th August 2018
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Why Your Online Community Is Not Working For You!
Not Enough Activity/ContactThe key to a successful, engaged community is consistent activity/contact. Whether that’s in the form of quick polls, discussion topics, surveys, online focus groups etc, it’s important to engage with your community on a regular, consistent basis. Your members want to hear from you!
All Surveys Are The SameAre you asking the same questions over and over again? There may be some questions that you need to ask your members repeatedly – if this is the case, try to mix them up with some other engaging surveys/question types. Tell your community the purpose of asking the same questions time and time again so that they understand how useful this information is to you.
Don't Forget You Are Interacting With Your CustomersBe sure to remember who you are talking to. You need to successfully reflect your brand within your community and communicate with your members in the same manner. They will want to talk about your products/services… encourage them!
Lack of Feedback & Engagement With Your MembersBuilding a thriving online community is all about consistency and engagement – you can’t have one without the other. Regular newsletters are a great way to provide feedback on recent surveys/polls and brand news. Engage with your members in discussions topics and ask for their feedback on the community. Make your members feel valued!
Your Product/Service Is Not Very ExcitingIt’s only natural that some products/services may be more ‘exciting’ than others. This doesn’t mean that an online community won’t work for you – you just need to find effective ways of connecting with your customers. This could come in the form of fun rewards, incentives, competitions and information sharing.