5 Ways To Tune In To “Authenticity”

Tribes Research 14th March 2019
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5 Ways To Tune In To In recent years ‘authenticity’ seems to have become quite the buzzword. However, to simply dismiss it as a passing buzzword could be to the detriment of your business when it actually holds such value.
TransparencyHonesty, simplicity, trustworthy… customers are becoming increasingly tuned in to whether a company is acting authentically. Gone are the days of simply presenting a professional front – customers are looking for something more, something real!
PersonalityYour business needs to be a reflection of your values. These values should be easily identifiable in everything you do… from marketing materials, branding to daily interactions with employees and customers.
Do Your Own ThingBy all means watch your competitors and keep striving to improve and develop. However, don’t lose sight of your original values by paying too much attention to what your competitors are doing. Stay true to YOUR values to remain authentic!
Ask Your CustomersListen to your customers… what is it about your product/service that makes them come back for more? Do they feel that your business is trustworthy/honest/authentic? How could you be more transparent?
You Can't Fake ItCustomers are selective about the products/services they choose and research shows that they are drawn to businesses that they feel are more authentic. Unfortunately for you, you can’t just say you’re acting authentically – your business really has to BE authentic.