Tribe Village Site Redesign

Tribes Research 4th April 2017
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Tribe Village, a proprietary online research panel owned by Tribes Research, has recently launched its newly updated website. The new design seeks to offer a rejuvenation to the Tribe Village brand, offering a better portrayal of the online survey website in a brighter, more engaging way to its members. The new website also facilitates additional online community features, whereby members have the opportunity for greater interaction with the brand and each other.

After careful research and competitor analysis, the feedback gathered formed the basis of the redesign. The new design seeks to improve the site in areas such as its aesthetics and functionality; by providing a more clean, simple and methodical structure to its pages, Tribe Village boasts an easy-to-use interface that reflect our member’s desires.

Continuing with its distinctive green and orange colour scheme, the new design incorporates a modern look to the more familiar branding. The homepage now has a bold, pertinent description that immediately draws your attention and tells you exactly what the brand has to offer. Embedded alongside this is the newly added registration form, reducing the number of steps required for visitors to sign up, highlighting a quick and easy registration process. With greater visuals and simpler layout, the new homepage sets the tone for what can be expected throughout the site.

Tribe Village homepage screenshot

In conjunction with the new website design, a range of new features have also been added. In terms of functionality, members who log in are directed straight to their ‘dashboard’, where various pages around the site are available at just a click away. Navigation around the site, and accessibility to pages, are therefore made more straightforward, making it easier for members to engage with the community panel.

Tribe Village results screenshotFurther interaction is facilitated by new features offered by Tribe Village. Firstly, live discussion forums offer the opportunity for members to converse with one another on topics that are specifically tailored to the community; catering for diversified and interesting discussions on topics that are relevant to our members. Furthermore, an added results section provides visualisation of the findings from our quick polls and surveys. Infographic type visuals are presented where members can see their input being converted into graphical information. A refer a friend option has also been added where members receive an entry into a prize draw for each successful referral.

A social media presence is a further addition to Tribe Village. Social pages on Facebook and Twitter provide members a further opportunity for engagement with the community, as well as acting as an external source to the site. A business to customer relationship can be better established through the more relatable and informal interactions made between both parties on such a platform. Accessibility for non-members is also permitted, enabling a greater opportunity for panel recruitment. Links to social pages are accessible from the Tribe Village homepage and page footers.

The new Tribe Village site now has plenty to offer for its members. Its features, functionality and appearance have all received an upgrade, with the objective to provide a better, overall community panel experience for our members. To view or join the research community, please click here.