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Tribes Research 30th May 2017
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The popularity of social media has risen dramatically with more social platforms available today than ever before. A Tribes Research study was conducted to find out which social media platforms are the most popular amongst the members of its online proprietary panel, Tribe Village; comparing their social media activity with their demographic profiles.

Social Media Active Usage

The infographic above shows a breakdown of our member’s active usage between various social media platforms. Facebook is by far the most popular social site, with over three quarters (77%) of our members being active users of the social media giant. Twitter follows behind with 34% of active users, with Instagram (13%), Google+ (12%), Pinterest (11%), LinkedIn (9%), Snapchat (3%) and Tumblr (3%) the remaining platforms all being in relative proximity to each other.

Gender comparisons

Social platforms don’t tend to target a specific gender group, but instead cater equally for both; this is advocated by our Tribe Village members representing a 50:50 even split between male and female members for social site Facebook. The same pattern generally follows for the alternative social platforms, with an exception to Twitter and Pinterest. Twitter users sway towards a more male dominant audience, with 33% of men compared to 26% women, whereas Pinterest shows a significant contrast in favour of females, with 17% of females being active users compared to 7% of men.

Age comparisons

When breaking down the active users of social platforms by age category, it is somewhat unsurprising to see the 18 to 34 year olds at the forefront of most platforms. With the exception of LinkedIn and Twitter, 18 to 34 year olds have the highest number of active users for each platform across all age groups. Surprisingly, Twitter’s most popular age group falls within the 45 to 54 year olds, with 48% being active tweeters compared to 39% of 18 and 34 years old.

Facebook’s prominence is also evident across all age groups, as this social platform has the highest active members within each age category. However, it is the monopoly-like usage of Facebook amongst the over 65’s that provides a striking statistic – 74% are signed up. Only 18% of this age group use other social media platforms and 9% don’t use social media at all.

Perhaps predictably, the highest number of active users for business-orientated social network, LinkedIn, are between 45 and 64 years old (12%). Focusing on the employment status of active LinkedIn users, it is interesting to see there’s only a slight contrast between those who work and those who don’t, with 11% in employment compared to 6% who are not. Of those employed, LinkedIn usage among the full time employed is 13%, 5% of those working part time and 20% are of the self-employed.