Tribes Research 31st March 2017

Tribes quantitative projects are delivered to a high standard with engaging surveys that are respectful of participants.

With a range of servicing models, Tribes can provide full service assistance, from development of the survey through to analysis and reporting, or simply carry out fieldwork.

Quantitative. Mobile compatibility. Range of deliverables. Sample provided by client or Tribes. Advanced interactive scripting tools. Full media integration, fully optimized for digital devices.

Key attributes include:

  • Advanced survey programming with custom themes, branding & interactive questions (sliders, ranking, scales, multi-code, multi-grid, open text, numeric opens (number and currency), date formats, image hot spots, timed response, highlighters, card sorts)
  • Interactive questions compatible with mobile devices.
  • Full media integration and fully optimized for digital devices
  • In survey video testimonial, capturing the true voice of the respondents with a video recording
  • Engaging for participants across all devices
  • Gamification techniques used
  • A range of deliverables including full reporting and advanced analytics

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