Community Panels

Tribes Research 31st March 2017

How do you know if you are doing all the right things to keep customers satisfied?
Do you know what your customers think of your brand, products you’re developing, and your marketing communications?

Continuous customer engagement leads to insight, and ultimately brand loyalty, from the people who matter. A Tribes community panel brings the Voice of the Customer into the heart of your decision-making process, utilising a trusted and engaging touch point to connect customers to your business.

Community panels allow companies to connect with customers in an ongoing conversation that is both engaging and respectful of their time, bringing a longer-term programme of research to life using innovative technology.

Community Panel, consumer panel. Measure changes in opinion and behaviour. Create and test ideas. Communicate and engage on a continuous basis.

Tribes build customised research communities for some of the world’s leading brands across a variety of markets and sectors. Our communities are fully branded, and accompanied by a range of both qualitative and quantitative research services, tailored to engage with your customers/target group on a regular basis.

Participants are invited directly into the community for a pre-defined time-period. Over this period, members are encouraged to engage with us, the client, and each other, through a wide range of research and discussion methods, with structured quantitative research and qualitative discussion forums which can be created for specific brands/ subjects.

All our communities are multi-device enabled allowing members to respond to tasks from a variety of locations at a time convenient to them. With complete touchscreen supported interface, enabling participation ‘on the move’ and at the members’ convenience, real-time feedback becomes the norm.

Community features include:

  • Customised website/portal
  • Discussion modules and forums (open and closed participation)
  • Multi-mode functionality
  • Surveys & polls
  • Touchscreen supported interface
  • Multi-language
  • Full respondent access
  • Task based research techniques
  • Detailed profile data collected
  • Newsletters
  • Live data results
  • Live chats
  • Community health reports
  • Focus groups and bulletin boards

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