Tribes New Year’s Survey 2016

Tribes Research 4th April 2017
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It’s the little things that count.

New Year Survey Infographic
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Amid all the political commotion, celebrity deaths and divided opinions experienced in 2016, a new Tribes Research study finds the more personal things in life are to look forward to in the New Year.

The online research study shows a net 41% expect 2017 to be a good year, with 40% on the fence as to whether the New Year will provide a positive overall experience; perhaps unsurprising given the inevitable political changes that are scheduled in 2017. Despite this, optimism is driven mostly by the positivity of family relationships, where 64% of the population are feeling positive in this category. Personal health, health of family/friends, job security and personal finance are also significantly more positive than negative.

There is less positivity about national and global prospects. The UK seem to still be a divided nation regarding the results of the EU referendum. Both the group that think 2017 will be a good year, and the group that thinks it will be a bad year, cite Brexit as the main reason for how they feel, advocating the close call experienced in the vote. This division is also evident concerning people’s prospects for the UK in general in the New Year, as results show there’s an almost even split with a net 4% thinking 2017 will be a good year overall.

Unsurprisingly, in our online study, Donald Trump finds his way to the top of what people are most worried about on a global scale. Almost a third, 32%, feel negative about global issues in 2017 compared to 16% feeling positive. Of those who are worried about next year, over half (53%) cite Donald Trump as the main reason for their concerns. This indicates that twice as many people are worried about the implications of the billionaire’s presidency compared to the reality of war and terrorism, a somewhat striking statistic.

Still, optimism for the New Year has been found by looking closer to home for many in the UK. Overall, people have a lot to look forward to in 2017.

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