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Tribes Research 5th April 2018
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Market Research Explained!All too often, when you’re immersed in an industry, you can forget that people either new or operating outside of your industry may not have a clue what your acronyms/abbreviations actually mean. So, we thought we would explain a few here…
Length of InterviewThis is the estimated average time that it will take a respondent to complete a survey.
Cost Per InterviewThis is the cost for each completed survey/interview. The cost of each interview takes into account the sampling costs, feasibility (based on your screening criteria… your target audience), incentive costs etc.
Nationally RepresentativeNationally Representative (Nat Rep) means that the sample source selected for a study is representative of the population being studied in terms of various demographics, i.e. gender, age, region, social grade.
Incidence RateIncidence Rate (IR) – This is the % of the population who are eligible to participate in your study. For instance, if you wanted to run a study based on the general population of the UK, the IR would be 100%. If you wanted to run a study based purely on those aged 25-54 in the UK, that would give you an IR of approximately 41%.
SS/MS/OEThese are all terms for survey questions… Single Select (SS) meaning a respondent can only select one answer from a choice question. Multi-Select (MS) meaning a respondent can select multiple answers from a choice question. Open End (OE) invites the respondent to type their answer.