Lifestyle Survey – Sports and Exercise (Part 1)

Tribes Research 24th April 2017
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A Tribes Research Lifestyle survey was conducted on members of its online proprietary panel, Tribe Village, to gather greater information about their lifestyle habits. The results collected are displayed in a two-type infographic that highlight sport and exercise habits, as well as information surrounding other hobbies. This article represents the sport and exercise side of the results gathered.

A respectable two thirds (65%) of members take part in some sort of exercise more than once a month. Of those who participate less than this, it may not be surprising that 50% are aged 55 or over. As it might be expected, the most popular form of exercise across both genders, and all age groups, is walking/hiking; when asked “What type of exercise do you do?”, 35% of members take part in this type of exercise more than any other, with the next most popular exercise being swimming, with less than half as many participants (16%). Walking/hiking has been found to be directly proportionate to age within our panel, as the popularity of this exercise steadily increases the older you get.

How the data compares

A striking comparison can be found between the amount of exercise undertaken compared to participation in a sport. Where 65% of members take part in some sort of exercise more than once a month, only 20% participate in some sort of sport within the same time period (“How often do you play a sport / exercise”). Interestingly, this significant difference in exercise and sport participation is reflected between genders. In terms of exercise habits, females seem to participate in exercise slightly more than males, with 68% of women taking part in exercise more than once a month compared to 62% of men. However, when it comes to sport, it is the men who come out on top as 30% of males play a sport more than once a month compared to only 13% of women.

Asked “Which sports do you play or participate in?”, the most popular sporting activity for our members is swimming (17%). This activity comes out on top across all age groups, as well as being the most popular overall. Football and cycling are joint second favourites (11%), where football received three times as more votes from males than females. Member’s third favourite sport is badminton (8%).

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