Lifestyle Survey – Other Hobbies (Part 2)

Tribes Research 16th May 2017
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The Tribes Research Lifestyle survey aimed to gather the lifestyle habits of members of its online proprietary panel, Tribe Village. In this second article, information regarding the hobbies of its members are presented in an alternative infographic. The first part of the lifestyle survey results can be found here.


Overall, almost three quarters (74%) of Tribe Village members go to the cinema, with the remaining 26% opting to never go. Our younger members are more likely to go to the movies than older generations, as it seems that age has an inverse effect on cinema going. When asked “How often do you go to the cinema?”, 86% of 18 to 34 year olds go, and this percentage gradually declines the older you get.

Out of Home Drinking

Our male members tend to go out drinking more often than females, with 52% of men going out of home to drink more than once a month, compared to 32% of women. As the frequency of pub/bar visits increase, a greater contrast is established between genders; when asked “How often do you go to a pub or bar?”, almost three times as many men (38%) go drinking more than three times a month compared to women (13%). In terms of age, going out drinking hits a peak at 35 to 44 year olds (84%), then the visits gradually decrease the older you get.

Food Habits

Just under half of Tribe Village members go out to eat more than once a month, with 45% consuming some sort of fast food. Interestingly, there is no real difference between the proportion of people going out to eat fast food (45%) and those eating out at a restaurant (47%). When asked “How often have you bought from the following fast food outlets?”, McDonalds is the fast food chain that is visited the most (61% have visited at least once), closely followed by Greggs (58%) then KFC and Subway (36%).


The majority of members go to a concert/gig less than once a month (52%). When asked “How often do you go to a concert/gig?”, 41% said they never go and only a small 7% go more often than once a month. Interestingly, for those who do go to see a live performance, the majority are in the 55 to 64-year-old category (63%), albeit there’s only a small difference between this group and the younger age groups. Although the 65s and over have the smallest percentage of concert goers, a modest 45% still attend some sort of live music show.