How Market Research Is Upping Its Game!

Tribes Research 28th June 2018
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How Market Research Is Upping Its Game
What is GamificationGamification is quite simply the use of game design elements in non-game contexts. You may be surprised at the number of times you interact with technology that has been given the ‘gamification’ treatment. We are becoming more and more driven by online/mobile interactivity – the challenge of keeping people engaged is ever evolving.
How Does Gamification Fit With Market ResearchMarket research is driven by motivating respondents to participate, keeping respondents engaged and achieving candid/honest responses that deliver the highest quality results. Whether it’s introducing interactive survey questions; rewarding points/badges for participation; or sharing photos in a mobile app, gamification gives endless opportunites to optimise engagement.
What Are The Key Benefits of Gamification?Some of the key benefits of using gamification within Market Research are… 1) maximising the engagement of survey respondents and/or community members, 2) making the experience fun, 3) achieving accurate/honest feedback, 4) the ability to bring a brands’ personality/identity more fully into the research process.
When Should You Use Gamification?Gamification is an amazing opportunity to engage and motivate people to respond to surveys and be active members of online communities. Market Researchers have a responsibility to assess each survey (each question), each community and each clients’ needs to identify where it is best placed to use gamification. The quality of the results must always be the top priority!
What is The Future of Gamification?It’s considered by many ‘gamification’ experts that discussions around the use of gamification will not exist in years to come as it will become less of a ‘thing’ and simply normalised within business strategies. Virtual and augmented reality is undoubtedly the next phase and will take engagement/interactivity to another level.