How Do Brands Get Noticed At Christmas?

Tribes Research 22nd November 2018
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How Do Brands Get Noticed At Christmas?Christmas can feel like a marketing race. Getting noticed across marketing channels can be a real challenge when everyone has seemingly upped their game. We take a look at the different ways some brands are getting noticed this year. A common theme across all of these points is that success will undoubtedly be found in understanding your customer and what makes them react.
ControversialIceland’s decision to create an advert highlighting the impact of palm oil production may have seemed like a bad decision when it was banned for breaching political advertising rules. However, the response to this advert has been phenomenal, resulting in 750,000 supporters of an online petition and a viral campaign that will be hard to top this year. Iceland have unleashed a life-size animatronic orangutan on the streets of the UK, fueling their Christmas campaign even further.
Sentimental– John Lewis have become renowned for their sentimental Christmas advertising campaigns, with rumours abound across press and social media well before the advertisement release date. This year hasn’t disappointed with an Elton John tribute. Having said that, viewers are said to be increasingly weary of the repeated display of sentiment. Has tugging at our heartstrings had its day?
ReactiveBrands are becoming cleverly reactive to some of the big advertising campaigns. Spending very little, they get to piggyback off the big budget adverts by giving them their own twist. Lidl have taken on the John Lewis advert this year by releasing a very simple campaign, with an image of keyboard for £89.99, stating “Just because you don’t have £872 to spend on a piano, doesn’t mean you can’t be the next Elton” with the strapline “It’s a Lidl bit funny.”
SocialBrands are turning to their social platforms more and more to build brand awareness over the Christmas period. A great example of this is the Sainsbury’s advert, which sparked (no pun intended!) a conversation on social media over the child dressed up as a plug in the school play. Sainsbury’s responded by releasing a short film interviewing the child about his experience as a plug. This video has reached 1.4 million views on Facebook alone. Using social / online community platforms to communicate with customers as Christmas is a fantastic opportunity to have fun, build relationships and awareness.
DealsBlack Friday, originally a single day of post-Thanksgiving deals, has turned into weeks of Black Friday emails filling up our inboxes. To get noticed, many brands are doing more than simply offering amazing deals on their products. Some are offering free gifts with every purchase; charitable donations; special offers for loyal customers; and shopping tips etc. The key is to get creative and understand what your customers would like to see!