5 Ways an Online Community Mgr Can Help Your Community Flourish

Tribes Research 19th April 2018
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5 Ways an Online Community Manager Can Help Your Community FlourishThis week, we are looking at the ways an Online Community Manager can work with you to ensure you get the best value out of your online community.  If you’d like to learn more about our bespoke Community Panels, do get in touch… we’d be happy to have a chat!
Set-UpAn Online Community Manager can work with you from the very outset to help ensure that the design of your community mirrors the look and feel of your brand and that it accurately reflects your core values. A Community Manager will test all processes related to the community, from signing up to the community to completing polls/surveys etc, to ensure your members’ experience is faultless.
Communications StrategyIt is imperative within every online community that communication is consistent. From polls, discussion forums, newsletters and surveys, your Online Community Manager can set out a communication strategy to ensure your community members get the best experience, and you get the best value from your community.
Engage & EncourageYou will get the best out of your online community when the members feel you listen to their opinions. They need to feel valued and engaged. It is the Online Community Manager’s job to ensure that they receive this experience and that they communicate with members on a regular basis.
ReportingAn Online Community Manager can report back to you regularly with information on how your community is performing. This could be by way of a monthly report listing key community statistics and/or by regular calls/face-to-face meetings.
FeedbackEvery community owner needs to listen to their members, not only on matters relating to their product/service, but also how they rate their experience within the community itself. How do they rate the community? What would they like to see more/less of? An Online Community Manager can schedule feedback surveys to ensure members voices are heard and the community experience is continually evolving.