5 Ways to Make Your Email Invites Inviting!

Tribes Research 1st February 2018
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5 Ways to Make Your Email Invites Inviting!
PlanBefore you go headfirst into designing your invite, take a moment to consider what information you need to convey in your invite; how should this information be laid out (if you’re unsure, take a look online at invite templates for inspiration); and, how are people going to respond to your invite?
Get Their AttentionOur inboxes are flooded on a daily basis with sales emails, invites and newsletters. Make your invite stand out from the crowd. Take time to consider 1) the Subject Line… what would resonate with your audience and compel them to hit ‘open’; and 2) Design… you’ve got their attention, now you need to keep it! Consider which images / layout will really grab their attention and get them excited to learn more.
Ditch The BlurbLess is more! When it comes to the text, be as specific as you can. People need to be able to glance at your invite and immediately understand 5 key things… who’s inviting them; what they’re being invited to; when; where; and how to RSVP. (You can always provide a link to a more detailed description of the event/opportunity.)
ActionableIt’s an invite, so you want people to respond. Make sure the sign up/take part button(s) or link(s) are super clear! It’s also a good idea to consider this element in your layout as you don’t want people to have to scroll endlessly to find the sign up button. Make sure the actionable elements of your invite are prominent and close to hand.
On-BrandFrom your content, layout to imagery… it’s really important that this invite reflects your brand. You want people to see the invite and know that it is your brand before they even start reading the content. This all helps to build a feeling of trust, engagement and ultimately increases the likelihood of invite acceptance.