5 Ways to Keep Your Online Community Engaged

Tribes Research 9th August 2018
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5 Ways to Keep Your Online Community Engaged
UnderstandBeing consistent goes hand in hand with maintaining engagement. There is so much content out there these days that you can’t afford to lose your audience’s attention. People just won’t stick around. A Communication Plan is essential to staying on track.
EngageLet’s be honest… would you sign up to something if it offered you ‘nothing’ in return? Value doesn’t have to be monetary. It could be knowledge, entertainment or even companionship. If you don’t add value to your community, members will lose interest.
IdentifyDon’t be a stranger! Members like to know that someone is there if they have a question or they want to comment on something. It is imperative to respond to members as quickly as possible. Engage in conversation with members. Communities, like social media, are meant to be just that ‘Social’!
IncreaseThe nature of the community obviously provides an excellent insight into who the members are. However, understanding what the members want to see by way of feedback or conversing with members is imperative to ensure they remain engaged. (This goes back to adding value!) Make sure you are listening.
More customersCreating a community that is engaged, social and where members feel like their opinion is valued, provides businesses with a truly unique opportunity to connect regularly with their customers, gaining customer insights and building brand loyalty. The more you allow them to engage with you, and with each other, freely, the greater the trust.