5 Ways To Attract Millennial Customers

Tribes Research 8th November 2018
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5 Ways To Attract Millennial Customers
Millennials Are SavvyMillennials have grown up surrounded by advertising campaigns on repeat – basically, they have seen it all before and have become immune to many standard marketing practices. Brands have to go above and beyond to stand out from the crowd in order to attract this very savvy customer base. That includes being transparent/authentic, socially responsible, interactive and forward thinking.
ResponsiveMillennials are used to communicating at the speed of light. Whether that’s on social media, an online community or when purchasing a product/service online. These customers want to feel fully engaged with the brand. If a brand is unresponsive in any way, it will not take them long to find another option. Ensuring systems are in place to respond efficiently is key.
Involve ThemAcknowledge millennials and their point of view. As with customers from any generation, they love to be heard and to feel included. Building online communities to gauge their views on their customer journey, products/services, new concepts, advertising campaigns etc is a great way to make customers feel part of your brand. Understanding what motivates and drives these millennials is the key to building a lasting relationship with them.
RewardsAs we’ve mentioned before ‘millennials are savvy’ and brands are becoming wise to that. Many brands are going out of their way to reward their customers. And that doesn’t always mean through standard discounts and voucher codes when, let’s face it, millennials know how to shop around. Brands are looking at more creative ways to reward their customers through freebies, immersive experiences, educational content and entertaining content.
ExperiencesImmersive experiential marketing is a rapidly growing trend for marketeers. Millennials are highly experience driven and actively share both positive and negative experiences with their friends/followers. Connecting and engaging with customers by giving them the ultimate experience of your brand can be hugely impactful. These forms of creative experiences also work hand in hand with mobile research, giving people the opportunity to give live ‘in-the-moment’ feedback on your brand.