5 Ways Research Can Transport Your CX From Zero To Hero

Tribes Research 20th September 2018
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5 way research can transport your CX
UnderstandHow often do you get the opportunity to really connect with your customers? Probably not as often as you’d like. Your customer undoubtedly has high expectations of your business/service. It is by fully understanding their expectations that you have the ability to ensure they remain satisfied and loyal to your business.
EngageIn this hectic digital world, the ability to connect with your customers is vital. Whether you are trying to target new customers or engaging with existing customers, understanding how people would like to communicate and what really adds value to them or their business, can mean the difference between you and your competitors.
IdentifyThis really can be as simple as an email following up on a sale or ensuring that someone is on hand to answer queries quickly and efficiently. The customer experience journey kicks in the moment someone sees or hears of your product/service… you need to be sure every point of that journey is considered, effective and, where possible, surpasses expectations.
IncreaseMaybe you have a great business and sales are ticking along nicely… but, return sales aren’t as high as you’d expect. Find out why! There’s a story behind every lost customer… maybe they’ve been lured by another company (if so, what was it the lured them away), or the experience they had with you wasn’t quite what they were expecting.
More customersIf you do your research and, more importantly, act on your findings, you are going to reap the rewards. We all go into business wanting to be the best … understanding what makes your customers tick and providing a first class customer experience is going to help elevate your business to the next level.