5 Ways Research Can Boost Your Branding…

Tribes Research 28th September 2017
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5 Ways Research Can Boost Your Branding
UnderstandDo people know who you are? Do people know what you do when they see your logo/brand messages? What is it that makes your brand recognisable? If people don’t recognise your brand, why not? Do they know your competitors? If they prefer your competitors’ branding, find out why.
EngageIt’s important that your branding effectively communicates your service/product values. What do your customers and prospective customers think when they see your brand? Does this match your business vision and beliefs?
What could you do to improve their perception of your brand?
IdentifyUnderstanding your target audience is key. Your branding needs to resonate with your target audience both visually and by the messages that you portray. Find out how you could improve your branding to better communicate your offering and core values to your target audience.
IncreaseResearch your competitors’ branding. Is awareness of their brand higher? Is so, why? What do prospective customers think when they see your competitors’ branding? What can you learn from that? Identify specific areas where your branding could be improved.
More customersWhat would your current and prospective customers like to see from your branding? What is your USP and are you communicating it effectively? Test branding concepts to identify which is most effective and what really delivers when it comes to resonating with your audience. Your branding is often the first thing people see when it comes to your business… make sure it stands out for all of the right reasons.