5 Ways Market Research Has Evolved (For The Better!)

Tribes Research 2nd November 2017
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5 Ways Market Research Has Evolved (For The Better!)
UnderstandGone are the days of printing thousands of multi-page surveys, mailing them out and nervously anticipating the first sign of responses in the post. Online research has led to a huge reduction in paper-based research. This online revolution is obviously more environmentally friendly. It has also made it far easier to conduct research all around the world. And the benefits don’t stop there!
EngageFrom sharing images, videos, interactive survey questions through to online communities and focus groups, market research has become an increasingly interactive industry online.
Harnessing and developing this interactivity results in significant improvements in participation and engagement which, in turn, makes for more successful results, ROI and brand loyalty.
IdentifyRather than feeling interrupted by interviewers with clipboards and phone calls during dinner, people are now actively seeking market research opportunities where they can participate in their own time. They like to have their say on products and services, particularly with brands that they use. Feeling part of a brand community is appealing. The incentives are also more enticing, and quick!
IncreaseResearch can be performed quite literally on-the-fly. The benefits to a restaurant in gaining feedback on a customers’ experience the moment they leave the restaurant or a media company in receiving real-time feedback on a live programme can be invaluable. What’s more, these research experiences can go a long way to making participants feel valued and build brand loyalty.
More customersScripting a survey, testing, sampling, through to launch can be performed in a matter of hours rather than days/weeks (obviously depending on the survey content/feasibility).
Not only that, the quality, accuracy and speed of the results are all far improved given the evolution of online research.