5 Ways to Make Your Customers Fall In Love With Your Brand…

Tribes Research 25th January 2018
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5 Ways to Make Your Customers Fall In Love With Your Brand...
Over DeliverGone are the days of expecting customers to return based on your product/service offering, price and reliability alone. The customer experience cannot be underestimated as companies are continually looking for ways to make their customers ‘feel’ special and valued, to set themselves apart from the competition. Building this emotional customer experience will help ensure higher rates of repeat business and forge a longstanding relationship.
Recognise LoyaltyYou can’t ignore the rise of loyalty programmes – you just need to look at the number of cards in your wallet! Being rewarded for your return custom is a great way of enticing people back to your brand time and time again.
The Element of SurpriseWhether this comes in the form of a free product/service or an invite to a special event, companies are recognizing the value in surprising their customers. What better way to delight your customer than to give them something above their expectations.
Online CommunityPeople love to feel part of a community… brand communities offer customers the opportunity to tell you how they feel about your brand. Take your customers on a journey with you – educate them about your values/mission and new products/services. Have a conversation with them! Communities make your customers feel valued, build loyalty and provide vital feedback for your business.
Social ResponsibilityCustomers are increasingly aware of the social impact of their purchasing decisions. Many people will select one brand over another if they have a social responsibility program in place. Consider social programs that will resonate with your target audience.