5 Tips to Maximise Your Online Design and Engagement…

Tribes Research 20th September 2018
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5 Tips to Maximise Your Online Design and Engagement
UnderstandYou simply can’t afford to ignore the mobile revolution. With more and more people searching/browsing/purchasing on their mobile phones, it is imperative that your online content is mobile compatible. This is particularly important when you are incorporating alternative question types and images/videos. Not only that, be sure to test the compatibility across mobile devices… what works for one, may not work for another!
EngageThere are three main reasons you will lose people when you present them with long lists and large grids… 1) people simply don’t have time to read/understand what you’re asking them to do; 2) if people are on a mobile/tablet, it’s likely that there will be a large amount of scrolling involved (another turn-off!), and 3) we are becoming increasingly driven by visual content – presenting a question in this way can result in a large number of drop outs simply because it is not engaging.
IdentifyAs long as the questions are clear, easy to answer and engaging, more than one question to a page is OK. However, you do need to take the question type into consideration here. Multiple essay questions may be better placed on separate pages – respondents will most likely switch off if they are presented with numerous essay questions in one go. Be sure to get people to test the survey and ask for their feedback on the question frequency per page.
IncreaseRespondents need to feel engaged and this begins with the survey template. A simple template is fine but it is worth taking time to consider the colours / logos / images etc incorporated into the template.
The intro page needs to be welcoming, clear, informative and attractive. All question types should be considered to maximise engagement throughout the survey. Consider the use of images, videos and alternative question types to give your survey an engagement and visual boost.
More customersImages can bring a survey to life. They can keep your respondents engaged and ultimately increase the number of completed interviews. However, if you don’t take the size of the image/video into consideration and the time they take to load, you could have the opposite impact on your results. It is well worth taking the time to reformat images to ensure they load quickly. People are drawn to content that is visual and fast. And be sure to test the survey across devices.