5 Reasons to Get Excited About The Future of Market Research…

Tribes Research 25th January 2018
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5 Reasons To Get Excited About The Future of Market Research...
Real-Time ResearchWe’re living in an age where people actively want to share their opinions… whether that’s taking a photo of their meal in a restaurant to share on social media or posting an online review of a product they have purchased. Mobile phones are opening the doors to endless opportunities to engage with consumers on-the-go, resulting in targeted and insightful findings. (To hear more about our mobile app, please do contact us.)
Online Focus GroupsWhilst in-person focus groups can be costly and time consuming, online focus groups are quicker to turn around and more cost-effective. Technology in this area is developing all the time, with exciting new features and improved operating systems. (To hear more about our online focus group offering, please do contact us.)
App Based CommunitiesMobile apps are making brand communities more accessible, engaging and social. Again, this is a very exciting development for market research, providing clients with unrivalled opportunities to connect and gain feedback from their customers at the touch of a button. (To hear more about our mobile app, please do contact us.)
Virtual Reality ResearchIs the future virtual? Whether that’s creating a virtual store/product or service to see how customers react/interact or to see a product or service from a different perspective. For instance, Ikea reportedly ran a VR study to assess how one of their kitchens would be viewed from a 3 year old’s perspective – highlighting safety issues from a previously unseen viewpoint. The possibilities with VR will undoubtedly be endless (albeit costly)!
Immersive ReportingAs we have become more and more visual, reporting is evolving too. Interactive videos / audio and a more immersive sense of the results is developing. As the process of achieving the data is changing, the expectations of how the results are delivered will naturally change too.