5 Benefits of an Online Employee Community

Tribes Research 7th December 2017
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5 Benefits of an Online Employee Community
motivateWhen employers actively listen to their employees and communicate on a regular basis it benefits the wider company on so many levels. An online employee community provides the perfect platform to run quick polls, surveys and/or discussion topics enabling businesses to easily engage and gain valuable feedback whenever they like. No one can deny that people work better when they are engaged and motivated… and this is just one of the benefits!
improveHow many times have you worked in a job and thought to yourself “this process should be so much easier” / “I wish we could do this another way but I don’t want to rock the boat”? As businesses grow, processes become more complex and it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of streamlining tasks. An employee community provides the opportunity to ask employees how they feel about specific processes… how could it be improved?
ideation“Encourage employees to generate and share ideas. Employees may be sitting at their desks bursting with amazing ideas… if you don’t ask, you don’t get! Similarly, an employee community gives employers the opportunity to share and gain feedback on concepts and ideas for the business going forward. Involve employees in the ideas/concept phase – value their opinion and reap the rewards!
communicationNews, press releases, survey feedback, employee announcements… just some of the ways a company can communicate with their employees through an employee community.  Make sure employees are among the first to know and that they are always kept in the picture.  This aspect of the community can also be great fun… sharing photos etc. to help build the sense of community and belonging within the company.
shared ownershipOverall, an employee community has the ability to make employees feel that they are valued and respected; that employers are genuinely listening to them; and, ultimately, that they are integral to the success of the company. With a third party (Tribes Research) running the community, employees can have anonymity, enabling them the freedom to be completely honest – a benefit to both the employer and the employee. Employee communities help to foster a motivated, driven and loyal workforce… what’s not to love!